We currently have three regular reviewers available. Lately we've had a lot of guest reviewers as well - some that really should be labeled "regular" (I just don't have pics or bios of them).  Even if the book is outside of the subject matter we generally read, we will review it based on the book itself and its appeal to others. Having multiple reviewers on hand makes it more likely that your book will be reviewed by someone that would normally pick it out to read. Many books are read by more than one of us, so sometimes you will get multiple reviews posted on your book.  That said - we write our opinion - good, bad, ugly, silly, honest, whatever it may be.

• Genres that we prefer are young adult, paranormal romance, fantasy, graphic novels, comic books, quirky humor, chick lit, and mystery. We are not exclusive to these genres, but they are preferred.

Jessica is the main contact for reviews and does all the posting, replying, blog updating, etc.
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