I am a 33 year old woman who happens to be addicted to reading. All day, every day. I am constantly looking for a new book or story to be obsessed with. I have a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Washington in Seattle 🤓. I have yet to actually get to use my degree in my working career, but my ultimate dream job would be editing. I am constantly editing in my head (even text messages 😖🤯) and I cannot stop. It can be incredibly irritating to not be able to stop my internal mental editing, but it has resulted in my being pretty decent at it. SO if any of you out there read this and NEED HELP EDITING your stories please feel free to MESSAGE ME. I also, clearly, adore my kitty, Slinky 🐱. He is the love of my life. Well next to my husband of 12 years I suppose 😆.   🦄🐩🐰🐇🐨
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