Hi o.o I'm Canada! Um....I dont know what to say. I have a pet polar bear named....um....what your name again? *looks down at bear* "Kumajirou" Oh...right ^^'
I like to eat maple syrup and pancakes <3 And also I like to see my friend Cuba.

Please add me on Facebook ^^ @MatthewCanadaWilliams

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BooitsCanada BooitsCanada Jun 27, 2012 10:21PM
@Fem_Norway -blushes- Th-thank you -o/////o
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The Fight for a Fight....(a hetalia war ; part 1)

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Description: The Hetalia characters fight for their lives as Russia snappes and takes over. New characters like Claus Beilschmidt, Emilia Kirkland and Zosia Łukasiewicz.


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Canada's Tearful Night

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America loves his brother, maybe a little too much. When Canada kicks America out, his good friend Pruss...

My Best Friend ; ILY

My Best Friend ; ILY

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For my best friend Zoey <3


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