Hey guys Bonnie Here I love Fnaf,Anime,And Creepypasta My favorite Fnaf Characters are Bonnie,Golden Freddy, And Springtrap My favorite Animes are Attack on titan,Tokyo Ghoul, DragonBall Z,Sword Art Online,FairyTail,And Naruto,My Favorite Creepypasta Are Jeff The Killer,TiciToby,Ben Drowned, EyelessJack,Sally,SmileDog,Slenderman,Sonic.exe My Fnaf Senpais are Bonnie,Springtrap, And Golden Freddy,My Creepypasta Senpais are Jeff,Ben,And TiciToby,My Anime Senpais are Levi,Kaneki,Ayato,Natsu,Goku,Naruto Oh and i also love Sonic my Favorite sonic character is shadow and he's also my sonic senpai
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