Name: Bobby- obviously
Age: Guess
Autobiography: I was born. I'm slightly strange. I work with children. I will die.

Questions? message me.
Value your sanity? Don't message me.

my works offer harsh and gory scenarios. Some partly factual, some fictitious. All I ask is you enjoy.

Quote a day.

inspiration is the world giving you the key to your own heart and allowing you to express yourself.
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BobbyWilliams95 BobbyWilliams95 Jun 21, 2016 07:54PM
New short story coming soon- Specimen.
            Nasa and the ISA discover a space anomaly, then people die...
            Find out more soon!
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Specimen (Short Story)

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Description: (WARNING: This story may contain graphic scenes of violence, upsetting to some readers. Proceed with caution, at readers own risk) When the International Space Alliance [ISA] team up with NASA to discover an...


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