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Hey, my name's Cat! I love reading, writing, music, cookies, lobster, chocolate, rainbows, muffins, anything fluffy, animals, glee, softball, and Harry Potter<3

I hate coconut flavored anything and frozen toes (I live in Canada, so it happens a lot:P)

I write mainly SiFi and romance (I would love to write poetry but sadly I'm hopeless at it) I love to write but I never end up finishing my stories so if you wanna hear the end I'll need a lot of nagging:D

What are you still doing creeping me?? Go read my story The Dress Maker!!
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BlueBerryPieGirl BlueBerryPieGirl Jan 07, 2013 02:36AM
Writing a new story called The Dress Maker! I'd love it if ya checked it out!
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The Dress Maker

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