Hi, im Rachel!!!!
I loove to read and write!!
thanks to everyone that votes for my story!
I read all the comments like 50 times and they always make me smile 1
I love :D <-
Smilie faces are my thing!
Im only a freshman, so im no professional, but one day i hope to be a writer! im not the most popular, im in the middle group (not a dork but not a miss popularity either) i LOVE dorks though (no offense) :P

im a total optimistic!! i love looking on the bright side of things.
i would rather read a book than watch TV most days. Only a few of my friends know about my book...and i love them.

i love anykinds of books mainly romances and Mystery!
In my books you can always count on an happy ending! i dont like sad or depressing endings!
my bestfriend always reads my story. she really helps me!

my favorite book would have to be Twilight! i am a TWIHARD! but i dont write about werewolves and that kind of stuff.

My style of writing is stuff that can really happen. But i do sometimes write fiction!

im secretly very smart, i just dont let ppl know it. my teachers kno it tho:P

Ask me to read your story and i will become addicted!

soo PLEASE comment and vote!!

Thannks sooo much!! :D love yew!!
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BlondieGirl101 BlondieGirl101 Jul 25, 2010 06:41AM
hey guyz!!!! i hope you enjoyed my last chapter and im going to uplaod very soon!!! if you would please do me a favir and check out one of my bestfriends new story. she is new to wattpad and i think...
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