1. I am honest to a fault ( equally bad and good thing)
2. I come from a LARGE family
3. Reading is my escape
4. Computer games LOVE THEM
5. Technology love it all, phones, computers (Macs my fav.), tablets. Sigh
6. I write fiction but poetry is my passion!

Not much but as a poet I wrote a poem about me based on my real name not my nick name that people call me. My name is Amber but Angel is what I go by so here is the poem:

Golden beauty,
skin tone glows
with a tawny hue
Eyes of sun touched honey,
A Gemstone,
priceless in value,
a family treasure,
a lovely gift,
Fossil with,
incomparable knowledge,
History captured in,
a timeless window,
Amber a beauty,
made in the image of a gem,
with the knowledge of the fossil,
a fragile gift to those that love her

Here is one about my Username which is the longer form of my Nickname:

Shining brightly, a star cast down to earth,
a ethereal beauty, haunting in image,
a flame glows deep within, cast outward
with its ferocity, a passion that consumes.
A gentle creature,loving in nature,
shy soft spoken, words that express emotion,
unaware of her beauty, self critical,
blind to her value, absorbed by others,
A being that blazes bright, in her words,
terrifying in their intensity,hilarious in levity,
valued by many for her kindness, helpfulness,
her complete and utter trustworthiness.
A create of duel personalities
one seen face to face, the other,
hidden deep in the crevices of the mind
called forth only in her words, haunting.

1. Prophecy: Of The Chosen- Complete
2. Son of None- In Progress
3. Elemental Prince - Idea
4. Journey to Heritage-Idea
5. Dream-Idea
6. Queen of her Species: - Idea

1. His Saving Grace- AngelIgnited

1. Heart Felt -Complete
2. April- Complete
3. Heart Pain- Complete
4. Heart Spoken- Complete
5. Heart's Passion- In Progress
More to come. :-D
Thank you Fans for reading my works and fanning me! You are all great!

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