Things about me
I'm an otaku
I love Vocaloid and k-pop much its sad
I love Len kagamine and piko for some reason
My first anime was black butler
I'm a fujoshi
I for some reason can't ship straight couples
Deku x kacchan and piko x Len r my otp's actually I have many otps
I have no life
YouTube is my non existent life
I'm an anime artist though my art is shit
I'm obsessed with Alois trancy and many other things
My fave k-pop bands are blackpink,TWICE,i.o.i,pristin,bts,VIXX
I am a tmnt fan from hell
I need Jesus though I'm an atheist
I honestly don't know whether I'm atheist or Christian
I'm confusing I know
I can't ship straight couples and when I do I feel like something's missing
Im a disappointment to humanity
I have a corner of darkness and misery
I have siblings (sadly)
If your wondering my age just know.........Im to young for the books I read
I love dogs
I wear glasses
Nightcore is life(which is non-existent may I add)
I love coffee
I love star wars
Im sleep deprived 24/7
Im a leo
I want to be a marine biologist
animals are gr8
animals are life
I'm the house airhead somehow
I can't sit still
I'm a loner so I'm alone
I'm a mistake
I need friends
I want to die
I value my young life
I was pan-sexual
I'm dating a girl and I'm happy
.....did I mention that I have no life
My Instagram is @blasty_mcsplosion
I am the literate definition of garbage
Im now a narwhal respect me
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