Almost 3 years but i'm still here. I really hope you're in a better place mentally and emotionally, a lot can change in 3 years but my love for this story does not lol 
          I'ts weird because you migh wonder what kind of "losers" are still reading fanfiction lmao but i swear i'm a functional grown up woman haha. Anyway, i guess it's more than just a fanfic about two people we used to ship, you created two amazing characters that we fell in love with, everything about this is beautiful and i understand that as a writer you're too hard on yourself but trust me, we would'nt change a thing about it.
          English its not my first lenguage but this is to raw to go to Google translate and change it lol hoppefully you understand what i mean :D take care and come back maybe.


words don’t do your work justice. there’s nothing i could say to express the intense emotions i feel when i read any of your work.
          you are inspiring and incredibly talented. i hope you’re doing well.