Hi, how are you? If ever you heard abt Lauren's live and what's happening in the fandom rn, I hope you won't get it right under your skin. I hope it doesn't steal your motivation and inspiration tp write. You are a good writer. In as much as we are waiting for your works, I hope you feel good today. Take care 


i agree! it’s fan-FICTION for a reason. my soul would be crushed if you decided to stop writing or remove your stories. they’ve impacted me in ways i’ve never imagined and no matter how many times i’ve read them, it’ll never feel like enough. i want to read them until i have every word memorized so i’ll never forget. i hope you’re well, and i really hope you end up finishing a sum of small things one day. if you ever decide to remove your stories,, please send them all to me first LOL i would be the happiest girl in the world to receive those PDF files if worse comes to worst!! love you angel!!


 I've been reading, watching tv shows after reading 'a sum of small things.' just to keep me from always thinking about it (and will definitely end up re-reading again lol). But this, in particular, will always be living in my heart. Because... you can't just forget how intensely it made you feel. I have always love stories like that, like it makes you want to come face to face with yourself that even seasons may change and decades have passed and who you will be then will not be who you used to be decades ago, you still think about a time in your life where everything is beautiful and pure yet so confusing at the same time. No matter how many years will pass, you can't just forget the intensity of feeling it.
          You are a gem in writing fiction. Thank you for giving us 'a sum of small things'.


I just read all 4 of your works in one weekend...what the f. A Sum of small things is beautiful and I cannot wait to read more.! That is now my all time favorite story.