I love Harry Potter. That's it.
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The Legends of the Potter Kids

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Description: What happens to the ever famous son's and daughter of the boy who defeated the evilest wizard of all time? They become legends. This story evolves around Lily, Albus and James' time in Hogwarts.

And to top it all off the girl had been a total bitch. What kind of girl was that? Was that the kind of girl Blake liked? That were complete and utter bitches? If that’s what Blake wanted I couldn’t...
Uh girl, you are kind of a bitch.

"What? You want me to tell you it pissed me off that you talked for god knows how long with a girl, all alone in your room, that it angers me that I have no clue what you and Daph spoke about yesterd...
That's basically a confession right there