"The point of a dream is that it never comes true, if it does, then it was never really a dream"

My name is Sydney, I'm in Highschool and..

Excited for;
-Finding a new book to read.
-Happy I was mentioned in three books..

》Writing a Story that I'm stalling on
》Editing- book trailers/covers
》Writing essays/papers about random stuff (which I am currently doing on Underwater Discoveries)
-Some random stuff, Watching Anime, Reading on Wattpad or Listening to music

I like;
《FOOD and WATER!!!
《Anime (YESS!) or you know 'Supernatural' (YES BABY) - 'Merlin' - 'Dexter'
《Making book covers
《Outside (hikes, swimming, etc)
-Some random stuff, oh my friends and family


OH HEY! You're still here..
Um in that case I need your help even tho its like 1 in a trillion you'll know what book in talking about.. So for the last year or two I remember this book I read that was supposed to have a 2nd book but after searching for the author or book I still can't find it..
Look I don't know if the author deleted it but it was a pretty famous book.. So I don't think they would..
So I don't really know how to explain it (I mean I do but)
Know what here's some key words..
-Alex(ander) Moore
-There were these special souls that were only found like once in years
-She has this little brother and had these Parents (key word had)
-um um message me if you need more.. I can explain it better.. Or if you have an idea of what book or author im talking about
:Its important to me cause after all the books I read I still remember this one after a few years (like since I joined) that I actually remember:


Check out my Recommendations, they're really good books. Or at least my opinion they are.

- OKIE! Don't know what to do or what to write in this little description box thingy so... bye!

-Socially/Mentally Awkward Person
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