I\'m a writer.  However, my oldest daughter has more talent for writing in her little finger than I\'ve ever had.  I\'m so proud of her!  I\'m proud of her for her courage to reach out and give the reading world the opportunity to read her stories.  When I was her age, I had to write in a journal.  At that time (in the \'80s), it would have been a social \"death\" to me to allow anyone to read my fiction.  However, I\'ve found that my daughter is so much more brave than I was!  Of course, it\'s a different world now.  What us \"older folks\" couldn\'t get away with back \"in the day\", she can boldly present in this venue.  She is such an amazing talent, with an amazingly crooked mind!  She\'s just like me.  The difference?  She has no fear...and for that, I am extremely grateful.  MY daughter Lillian is awesome!  I\'m going to support her in every way that I can so that she will realize her dream.  It may be too late for me, but it isn\'t for her.  I\'m glad I took my own advice and didn\'t push her in theatrical areas, which are my forte.  Her father and I let her hear her own Muse.  She is following that gumption.  She has real talent!  She is also following in some ancestral footsteps she doesn\'t know about...yet.  Rock on, Lillianna!  You are amazing!!!  You carry Black Rose 92 to her pinnacle
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