I am not very good, with each step that I take pain and sorrow follow. There are good people who you like or even love to be with. That make you happy and warm inside. But those people are the ones who are the most fragile. That can't handle all the dark, bad emotions and events. That is why I am here who is willing to do anything to keep those people in the light, even if it means being consumed by that very darkness. Only I can do this for I am the dark and evil. I can handle it all only to protect those who can't handle it. And will do any means necessary to not let those people know what happens to me. After all I will alright, anything to see those people smile.
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Story by BlackRabbit16
Darkest Love Lost by BlackRabbit16
Darkest Love Lost
An average boy at an average school, nothing is so special about him, except the way he lives.