Hey people,
Some things about me:
- I LOVE werewolves
- My best friends names are ellie (scarlettejasmine) and carmilla (vampiress21)
- I hate fighting and will not take sides
- I like reading and love Harry Potter books, I love the hunger games the saga of Darren Shan and vampire diaries, I don't mind reading twilight
please comment on my stories i love hearing reader feed back

My stories:
My imagination (short stories)
Howl Of The Werewolf (finished)
My Foster Sister The Werewolf Sequel:
1) My Foster Sister The Werewolf
2) My Friend The Werewolf
3) My Brothers War
(All In Editing)
the girl who cried wolf (darren shan ff)
mutterings (sequel)
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BlackHowler97 BlackHowler97 Aug 30, 2012 08:19AM
new chapter of imagination (short stories) please enjoy
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Run Little Demon (davekat)

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Description: Dave Strider youngest of one of the strongest demon Families in existence goes into hiding to get away from them and meets the mortal and ever loud Karkat Vantas.


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new story

new story

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my imagination (short stories)

my imagination (short stories)

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Mutterings (sequel to whisperings)

Mutterings (sequel to whisperings)

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Howl Of The Werewolf

Howl Of The Werewolf

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the story of a boy and what awaits him in the forest after going against his best friends strict instruc...


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