Do you like cats? 
          	Do you know anyone who likes cats and who you might owe a present at some point in the future? 
          	 If you liked "Now See Here" and "See if I Care" and would like some more of Mark, Jake, Lance and O'Connor then consider checking out my book "The Essential Survival Guide for Cat Owners" och Amazon ( also available in other countries) It's written and illustrated by me and published by a tiny, all female publishing company, but because they are small and took this weird chance on me they have very little money for advertising...  But they are also interested in Now See here/See if I care and I'm in the process of rewriting those stories into one, which means more Lance, as Lance's POV isn't included in the first story. I'm also tweaking stuff and might change a few scenes (if you want me to change something specific you didn't feel was working, let me know!). It kinda depends on if the cat book does reasonable well (small company, so I'm talking from a few hundred to 1000 copies sold, no one is expecting it to take off into crazy numbers)... If you can't buy it (it's 20 dollars after all) but still feel you wanna help, please consider helping me spread the word! It would mean the world to me! 
          	Thank you for your time and all the best!


Are you still active on Wattpad or just abandoned it like other writers,.I can see that you have replied recently,so,that makes you haven't abandoned this platform completely,but,still,will you write more stories here anymore,.
          There is more writers,not just any,but,so brilliant writers that has abandoned this platform just like the used pens,.Most of them are so great,I can't even express how great they are in words,but,they just stopped writting altogether, without any explanations or anything,.
          I know life is not always in our favour,we have more important things to do in our lives than spending time in writting, especially if your profession is not writting,but, the readers will definitely be disappointed whenever a skill full writer quite from writing,.
          By the way,I haven't read any of your books before,I yet to have read them, I haven't got enough time to enjoy a good written story yet,but,I will in coming days,.


Dina två verk är utan tvekan något av det bästa jag läst på Wattpad. Både karaktärerna och storyn är underbara. Skrattade högt mer än en gång. Och ger du någonsin ut dom så har de en given plats bland resten av mina m/m böcker. ;) /Annie


@Annie-Bee Tack så hemskt mycket! En dag, kanske... de senaste åren har jag varit upptagen av jobb och studier, men förhoppningsvis blir jag klar med min utbildning nu till sommaren... jag hoppas att jag får mer tid att skriva då... :)


Hey are you alive ? If yes then plzzzz write more stories


@kira_light9  Lol, yes, thank you for asking! It's just that I work full time and go to university 50% so when I write it's only been fan fics for a few years...  I have two terms left and then I hope I can both rewrite this story and write a few more original stories that has been loitering around in my mind... I'm so glad people enjoy this story, though, it is really encouraging!


I adore your book(s)! The plot is enthralling, your characters are so real, and the humour is laugh out loud. If you get this story printed/published I will buy a copy in a heartbeat!


Hi I like cats but am sadly allergic to them um if possible can you write some bdsm and male male ones with you're characters or others please also make some dd/lb please yes if you can tell I'm a little


I miss your writing!! Your are a VERY talented writer....really AMAZING. The story, the humour, the people...EVERYTHING!!!I enjoyed them very much so!!! Thanks for posting them!!!


Hello! You're very talented! I love reading your books! Hopefully there's more! You creativity makes me ambivalent i want it to end because i really want to know what happens but at the same time i don't want it to end because that means it's over! I dnt know if you understand me but dnt worry i dnt understand myself most of the time..  but bottom line is you're great!


@LindaMarcelo lol, you make perfect sense, and thank you! :)