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WP Twin Username: @BitchCanYouStop

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Whalecum to my dope ass account.

Whale then.

I live with the memes, I run with the memes, I'm where the memes live, I breathe the memes, I live in Dank Meme Town . . . Also, in the fridge.

I AM a meme.

May the power of Christ compel you.

Stop it, get some help.

You got memes? Link them to me in PM or on my message board. I'm always down for memes.

If you want to say stupid shit, or just rant/vent in general, my message board is always open (it always is, anyways) ~ :)

If you got shit to say, I really don't care. Your opinion is not needed/wanted. I ain't trippin'.

Though, I suggest you don't start with me, or you'll be crying your eyes out in the corner once I'm done with you 🙃 No pressure.

Anyways . . .

> Natalie Olivia Sanders
> Female
> Heterosexual (Straight)
> 16 years old
> Lover of Memes

I do NOT tolerate/allow/permit hate in any way, shape, or form. Also bullying, get a life bitches.
This is a chill account. Take it easy, my dudes. No fighting. Chillax. Relax. Keep calm and love memes.

Got a problem? Wait for me to actually give a fuck.

I LOVE ❤️🥰😘😍 :
Five Nights at Freddy's ~ FNaF (All Games)
My Hero Academia (MHA)
Anime - Love Tyrant, Dragon Ball Z (DBZ)
Gravity Falls (GF)
Star vs. the Forces of Evil (SvtFoE)
CreepyPasta (CP)
Manga Series

My emo couple ❤️ :

My Thots 😋 :
Idol: @goodvibesflyhigh
Model: @shestaysrad
Inspiration: @TwashyBitch

My Wattpad Fam:
The bitchiest bitch of the bitches, and, my beautiful Mother uwu: @DreamOnFucker
Father <3 : @ElBigPapa
Grandpa: @fredbear772
Grandma: @uwuHamilton
My boo ❤️ and my sister: @KinkyCuddles
My new sister ~ : @CocoaHearts
My other sister 💕 : @BonnieFromFNaF

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