Hi, I'm Billie, and I'm a geeky punk wiccan gamer thing who loves Power Rangers, Scooby Doo, books (teen fiction and WARRIORS), Disney and all things mythological and magical.

Immortal (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 1) - Available as an eBook and Paperback on Amazon
Alice and Persephone
Valiant (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 2)
Celestial (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 3)
Eternal (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 4)
Ultimate (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 5)
Prophecy (Wiccan Wars Series - Prequel)
The River (X:Infernus Series)
The Hunted
Short Story Collection
- The Empty Swingset (completed)
- The Boyfriend Shop (Planning)
- My Pet Person (planning)

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Alice and Persephone

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Description: Alice is the hardest working, kindest girl she knows. All she wanted was to graduate high school and go to college to study Religion. That was all about to change. Persephone, a rebellious rumoured witch with a mysterious dark side, is paired with...

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Becoming Us~Super Six (and friends) Fanfic

Becoming Us~Super Six (and friends) Fanfic

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"Have you ever found out something about yourself that you could never have even imagined?"

100 Turn-offs and Turn-ons for Girls

100 Turn-offs and Turn-ons for Girls

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Immortal (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 1) *PREVIEW*

Immortal (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 1) *PREVIEW*

3.6K 94 8

**Immortal has been published on Amazon, so this only includes the first 10 chapters. To read more, sear...