Hi, I'm Billie, and I'm a geeky punk wiccan gamer thing who loves Power Rangers, Scooby Doo, books (teen fiction and WARRIORS), Disney and all things mythological and magical.

Immortal (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 1) - Available as an eBook and Paperback on Amazon
Alice and Persephone
Surrender (18+)
The River (X:Infernus Series)
The Hunted
Short Story Collection
- The Empty Swingset (completed)
- The Boyfriend Shop (Planning)
- My Pet Person (planning)

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Stories by Billie Frances Ingram
(18+) The Widow and the Hacker **SpiderByte Coffee Shop AU** by BillieFrancesIngram
(18+) The Widow and the Hacker **SpiderByte Coffee Shop AU** Fanfiction
Sofia M Brasero (known to her friends and family as Sombra) works part time at a coffee shop to save up money to move out of her Uncle Gabe's apartment. One night, coming home from a late shift, she saves a tall, s...
Surrender (18+) by BillieFrancesIngram
Surrender (18+) Romance
Aurelia Finch takes a job as a maid under the newly appointed Lord of Sanguine Manor. Ellie has taken jobs as a maid before, so assumes it will be nothing new. She finds herself being pursued by a flock of beautifu...
6 Weeks Without Wifi (Facebook Collab) by BillieFrancesIngram
6 Weeks Without Wifi (Facebook Collab) Fanfiction
At Camp Gloria, in the Lake District, 13 teen internet addicts are all placed in cabin 14. How will they fare without their trusty pal Wifi? Is life without Facebook really all it is cracked up to be? Friends will...
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