Hi, I'm Billie, and I'm a geeky punk wiccan gamer thing who loves Power Rangers, Scooby Doo, books (teen fiction and WARRIORS), Disney and all things mythological and magical.

Immortal (Wiccan Wars Series - Book 1) - Available as an eBook and Paperback on Amazon
Alice and Persephone
Surrender (18+)
The River (X:Infernus Series)
The Hunted
Short Story Collection
- The Empty Swingset (completed)
- The Boyfriend Shop (Planning)
- My Pet Person (planning)

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Stories by Billie Frances Ingram
Alice and Persephone by BillieFrancesIngram
Alice and Persephone Teen Fiction
Once upon a time, a fragile girl of 5 witnesses the apparition of a white-haired angel on her first day of school. She instantly falls in love with the angelic being, yet never sees her again. Thirteen years and ma...
(18+) The Widow and the Hacker **SpiderByte Coffee Shop AU** by BillieFrancesIngram
(18+) The Widow and the Hacker **SpiderByte Coffee Shop AU** Fanfiction
Sofia M Brasero (known to her friends and family as Sombra) works part time at a coffee shop to save up money to move out of her Uncle Gabe's apartment. One night, coming home from a late shift, she saves a tall, s...
Surrender (18+) by BillieFrancesIngram
Surrender (18+) Romance
Aurelia Finch takes a job as a maid under the newly appointed Lord of Sanguine Manor. Ellie has taken jobs as a maid before, so assumes it will be nothing new. She finds herself being pursued by a flock of beautifu...
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