♡︎Just A Bilingual Baby♡︎

I have a mild obsession with Villain Deku 🥰 (and yanderes in general)

You can call me Babiee if you want

Genderfluid (She/They) - Pansexual - Happily Single - Hufflepuff - 16 - HS Sophomore - 5'5

Homophobia, biphobia, panphobia (etc.), transphobia, racism, colorism, misogyny, antisemitism, xenophobia, etc. is not tolerated. My page is a safe space for marginalized groups, so any sort of hate directed at them will result in getting blocked/muted.


Published Stories:

PACT (Yandere Carl Grimes x Reader) [Ongoing]

FACADE (Villain Deku x F Reader) [Ongoing, Slow Updates]

STRONGER (Izuku Midoriya x Reader x Katsuki Bakugo) [Discontinued]


Unpublished Stories:

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE (Yandere x NB Reader) [Coming Soon]

MIRACULOUS YANDERES (x Reader Oneshot Book) [Coming Soon]

DOVE (MIRACULOUS x F Hero Reader) [Coming Soon]


Things I Say/Comment A Lot:

'mom pick me up, I'm scared 🥺'
'I- how about NO'
'BITCH- I think the fuck NOT-'
'And I'd fucking do it again'

Fun Facts Abt Me:

I'm learning French and Japanese atm 🙃 even though I'm severely slacking 😅

I already speak Spanish and have since I was really little :)


I'm aware it's spelled 'baby' but I just like to spell my username as Babiee XD


Just know, like 80% of my stories are going to be x Female Readers because I personally enjoy writing with a female lead, but I will have some stories with a gender-neutral reader where I use they/them pronouns.


I'm majorly unoriginal, most of my stories will probably have similar concepts/scenes because I like to recycle ideas.

Examples: 7/10 main characters are/have been bullied, For some reason pregnancy or just the reader and the love interest having a child at some point (biological or otherwise) is a common occurrence. I also have an obsession with yanderes, as previously mentioned, so there will be a lot of yanderes.
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PACT (Yandere Carl Grimes x Reader) by BilingualBabiee
PACT (Yandere Carl Grimes x Reader)
Yandere Carl Grimes x Female Reader After meeting [Y/N] at the prison, Carl immediately takes a liking to her...
FACADE (Villain Deku x F Reader) by BilingualBabiee
FACADE (Villain Deku x F Reader)
Izuku Midoriya. A villain. [Y/N] [L/N] a hero in training at UA. Both of them... Together? Ha. Impossible. Ho...
STRONGER (Izuku Midoriya x Reader x Katsuki Bakugo) by BilingualBabiee
STRONGER (Izuku Midoriya x Reader...
I USED to update once a week but alas, I'm a master procrastinator and writer's block won't stop harassing me...
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