I dislike judgement, hate, and disrespect. Nobodys perfect. Which is acually a good thing. [We build up all are imperfections and then try to hide them with perfection. which eventually just destoys our selfs or each other] We should just be our selfs. Its fun being me. Im spazzy to the extreme, im a very competative person and stubborn. if i dont get it or i think i cant: i give up. im really trying harder to not stop and keep going positively.  Im big on forgiveness. Sometimes i try to hold a grudge but i cant. Forgiveness is in my nature. Besides i dont need all that negativaty in my life. Its better to just let go of those darkened feelings.  I luv luv luv music, besides writing, music is defiantly my escape. im way open minded so even though i luv rock ill listen and luv anything under the sun. Otep>Evenescence>Sick Puppies>Bat for lashes>Flyleaf>Three days grace>Avenged Sevenfold>Pink Floyd>Skillet>Breaking Benjamin>3 doors down>Bullet for my Valentine>BLACK VEIL BRIDES>kittie> Falling in Reverse(craig can suck it) - those are some of my favorite bands. i cant name them all i only got 500 characters to go! lol. 

I love the sound of the piano it just gives me the chills.That's why I love playing it!:D

And twin if your reading this right now this next bit is for you!!> Damen is my sexy vampire! muahaha! damen is the only vampire that is hot. other wise i prefer werewolves o. O there a cooler legend anyways. i mean a man that turns into a beast! sexy! woo!
PS to the other peeps theres is an amazing writer on her by the name of @Damiia. so if your ready for epicness beyond belief look her up read her stories and poem

Ronnie Radke~(Me likee :D)

Andy (SiXX) Biersack~(So Sexyy XD)

Oli Sykes~(Hot Dam)

Jayy Monore~(Monroe Madness, Baby)

Just thought id share that with you. :D

((((♥ ♪ ♥))))
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