Hello my name is Alexa McKay call me whatever you want DO NOT call me lexis or Alexis ;)
I'm 14 uh Short I'm only like 5'2 my best friend is the person reading this!!!
Cheesy, I know..
I love music
Sleeping with Sirens
Asking Alexandria
A Day to Remember
Attack Attack
And so much more..
PM me!!!
Fan me! I fan back ;)
Truthfully I rather have more guy friends than girl friends
^^^ WAAAAAAAYY to much drama!!
My attitude:

█ 10% Sleepy
██ 20% Bored
███ 30% Sad
████ 40% Weird
█████ 50% Funny
██████ 60% Smart
███████ 70% Happy
████████ 80% Sexy
█████████ 90% In love
██████████ 100% CRAZY!!!
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    under yur sheets ;)
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    Oct 11, 2011 07:09PM
Bieberfevaaaa2244 Bieberfevaaaa2244 Feb 15, 2012 01:59AM
@Mr_And_Mrs_Doe hellur and yur welcome :) 
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Description: Life is bad for Jazzy. she's abused her boyfriend is a teen pop sensation. But all changes when she has the twins............ or so she thought


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