Random Facts:

---I LOVE:
*Harry Potter Series
*The MOrtal Instruments Series
*Percy Jackson Series
*The Vampire Diaries (Book)
*Pretty Little Liars (Book)
*The Night World
*The Hunger games Trilogy
*Pride and Prejudice
*The Alchemist

*J.K. Rowling (of course)
*Cassandra Clare
*Paulo Coelho
*Jane Austen
*Nora Roberts
*Danielle Steel

---I'm a sucker of Romance (the sappy sappy cliche Love Story)
---I also love Werewolf and Vampire Genres (but not the Twilight, never)

---MOST OF ALL I'm just a READER (a silent reader at that). I don't really like WRITING because it takes all of my goddes-turned-to-human will power to finish even a one paragraph story..so, yeah.. 0.o
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