So as you may know i have had my story stolen by @spn-lucifer-follower She refuses to admit what she has done so i have had no choice but to report her. all i asked was for her to admit that she did wrong and apologize but that was too hard for her. therefore i had no choice but to report her.


Hi I was wondering is there going to be an update on Twenty-Four or is it discontinued?


Hey hope ur doing well but can you please update lady light? I really enjoyed reading it and you haven't updated it in a while so when you get the chance can you update it please


Hi ! Could you please update "Death Ever After" ? Till now, I really enjoyed the plot of the story and can't wait for what's to come later, but could you please tell if there will be a "later" ?


Oh. My. Gosh.
          Your Lotr x reader story was incredible, very likely one of the best I’ve ever read!! The last few chapters had me in tears 


Hi I'm sorry to ask this because you may get it a lot but could you possibly update Lady Light and Not a pet. Please those are very good story's and I would like to have more to read. And I'm sorry again for asking.