Were BFFS! We're not going to specify who's who because neither of us wants to be Belly! This is a profile we made where we can post the stories we've made together! And guys, also check out BethanyFish storys and raw6164 books! Okay in our story the wanted, the girl with blond hair writes Dana's chapters and the girl with the red hair, does the guys chapters.  ;)
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BellyandKuffy BellyandKuffy Aug 11, 2012 09:39AM
@Ivy_McNair thanks and ya we love writing together. Love the girls ;)
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The Wanted

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Description: DANA POV I have him, and only him. This suspicious man is after us, for something only my family knows about. I don't ever want to risk Xavier's life with my threatening secret, so I will face the man inste...


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