I have recently come out................. as a Directioner. Personally, I'm a little scared of how much I loved those guys without even knowing..........
Save me.

I'm weird. Obviously.
Fan me just 'cause, and I'll be your best friend.
Message me just 'cause, and I might think you're a stalker. JK. I'll probably be your best friend too.
But seriously, just message me. I'll probably have nothing better to do.
Ooh. I found a blog button. I'm gonna go click on that.


The Wafflenator a.k.a Lauren ;)

OK, so I found out that the blog button is for the Wattpad blog. Not a blog for me. I'm depressed.
OMG!! Have you seen that Austin Powers movie?!?! The one with the 'GET IN MA BELLLEH!!!!!!!!' part?!?!
Yeah, I haven't.
What about the one with the 'GUACAMOLEH-MOLEH-MOLEH!!' part?!?!
Haven't seen that one either.
Have you seeeeen that movie...... the.... um... King of the Rings? Nope. Lord of the Rings.
That's right! Smeagol.

Wow. I'm way off topic.

What I like:
Stuffed Bunnies
*sigh* ♥ Nutella ♥
Iron Man
The Avengers

That's like 1/6 of everything I like. I got bored.

I love you.


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