Hey Chickadees!


I'm back! (Although many of you probably don't care, I certainly do and I'm happy to be here again)
I've come out of my cave and I hope to defeat writer's block once and for all!

Check out my newest project "Lilith"!

If you dare, feel free to browse through some of my older works - I'm not promising that they are good. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.
If I have the time, I want to go through and edit the wazzoo out of them, but for right now "Lilith" is my main focus.

I love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to post any questions/concerns/suggestions/dragon-slaying-requests/etc. in the comments section - I only ask that you keep the "read my book" pleas to a minimum. As much as I love reading Wattpad works, I have a large pile of book in my room screaming for me to read them.....
Plus there's school.....
And I do have a life outside of the Internet..... *gasp!*

"The Real About Me"

I'm currently in high school, and as is typical, I can't wait to escape.
I have no idea what I want to do later in life or even study in college, but thankfully I still have a bit of time on my hands.
I want to see the world. No joke. And I don't want to be just another tourist that carries around a pocket dictionary everywhere. I want full immersion into a culture. Thus, languages are very important to me; I'm already fluent in German and English (yay), and I am currently studying French and Spanish.

I am:
-mildly insane (the best people are)
-a virgo
-a bookworm
-surrounded by amazing friends
-currently stuck within the deepest depths of Pinterest
-in love with certain things: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Starkid, AHS, Heath Ledger, Sherlock, traveling, languages, foxes, amazing books, imaginations, dragons, ice cream....... (I could probably go on for days, but that's not something you want to witness)

I've you've stuck with me for this long, thank you. You have no idea how much your support means to me.
Love you guys.

Helen <3
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Hey, just wanted to say hi! I'm one of those "silent readers" as you so perfectly described us. I generally read quickly and forget to vote (sorry), and that's the case with all the books I read here. If it makes you feel any better, I went back and voted! ^.^
      Anywho, I haven't been active on Wattpad for a while; nothing seemed to intrigue me. So, I left. It was a complete accident that I stumbled upon your story and I'm glad I did. I hope you continue to find joy in penning your story, because I will certainly enjoy reading it. Don't do it for us - no matter how much some people might beg. You have to enjoy writing, otherwise the plot plummets and everyone is dissatisfied. I wish you the best of luck, and I want you to know that we silent readers are rooting for you!

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I may be a minority in regards to this, but I like that there will be no sequel. That makes leaves the ending open and unpredictable; I can't imagine the Elliots any other way. Good job.

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No - they consider it to not be a Disney movie because it wasn't created by Disney. If my sources speak the truth, an animator from Disney got a job somewhere else. Thus this movie retains disney's style (hence the confusion), but is not actually Disney.