This is Alyssa's account but we share it :) 
The profile pic is me (alyssa).. And will always be me
Im 13
Im Christian!!
Im fun to be around
I have hazel eyes
Im Straight and always will be
Im not against gays
I love to ride horses
I hate it when people act like their ur friend and then turn around ur back and talk shit
Yes i like to cuss
I love to watch movies
I love skinny jeans
I love Music
RIP Ryan
RIP Mckenna
RIP Jordan

-dark brown wavy hair
-big brown eyes O.O
-athletic!(: Volleyball is my life, like..legit bro
-Christian!!! Im free to be. Im free to live. Im free to love you!! Jesus is my savior<3 (thats one of our songs we sing on Sundays, I also go to youth group on Wednesdays and volunteer on Sundays, looks good for college too!(; )
RIP brother ever. i miss you a lot
RIP sister ever, even if you were a special needs, your always perfect to me..i promise
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