I write about people learning to accept who they really are. Becoming comfortable on their own skins. Dropping the masks they use to hide behind. 

I'm mainly a reader, then a story teller. Writer comes after. There is a little bit of me in everything I write. That's why writing for me is a cathartic process and a story can take years from conception to completion. But then, it may take decades for some of us to become truthful to whom we really are.

I have a scientific background, with degrees in Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Public Health. I always worked in the medical field, as a Medical-Physicist, university lecturer and as an independent consultant.

I love travelling and immersing myself in different cultures; sharing their day to day, as one of the locals. That's one of the reasons why I enjoy learning languages and speak English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. And a tiny bit Japanese.

Born and raised in Brazil, I lived in France, Germany and now, Australia.

I have many favourite countries including France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Adore Japan.

English is not my first language. Or second. It's, in fact, my fourth. When I arrived in Australia, already a fully fledge professional, my English was very poor. Since then, I have worked hard to improve my language skills. For that reason, I welcome (constructive) comments about my writing mistakes and thank, in advance, those of you who point them out.

Thank you for viewing my profile. Cheers.

Note: I use the Australian spelling in my writings. Colour (color), favourite (favorite), realise (realize) are not spelling mistakes, but Australianisms.

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