Writing has always been a constant in my life. It was what got me through high school and continues to act as my escape while I study at university. 

Now at twenty one and married (I know, it's nuts), talking about people you've made up in your head isn't commonly regarded as healthy or normal for that matter. Still, I am a strong believer in the truth that normalcy is over rated.

While I am not pursuing a career as an author I am studying costume design and construction at university. Did you expect it to be something conventional? Fabric engineering is fun, dressing people is even more so (as long as you can learn pretty quickly not to have a giggle about it)! My degree is taking me places, to the States mostly and I get to meet a lot of quirky and exciting people. I wonder if I knew, when entering my degree, the bounty of material that lay in store for an aspiring writer?

Anyways, enough about me.

Read. Imagine. Inspire.


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BekahEva BekahEva Aug 22, 2016 08:49AM
I am having a killer bout of writer's block guys! Any suggestions?!
            Much love, 
            Bekah x
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