I thank you for your presence but would like to remind you that I feed off of reviews. It is the nourishment that keeps me going. I am using this site to practice writing and to hone my craft for a future career as a novelist.

Update (2022):

What a fever dream. I never thought that my attempts to write Sirius Black/Remus Lupin fanfic, ENTP/INFJ pairings in 2019, and my obsession with Cupid/Psyche, as well as fairytales inspired by that story, like "The Lion and The Lady", (and books like "The Little Princess," which I read in 2020) would lead me down a road of fated encounters.

Not too surprised. Before the pandemic and those Pick A Cards, back in 2019 and in the past decade, I had prayers from God answered uncannily. I had Godwinks. Now I have uncanny coincidences. And a French boyfriend.

So I didn't end up with my 'proverbial tall, dark, and handsome fairytale hero with very blue eyes and an alarmingly nice smile' (quoted from "Someone To Wed" by Mary Balogh) whose spirit animal must be a bear-like black dog (Except his star sign is Leo; he looks like a bear and has cat eyes; and he adopted a bear-like black cat in 2013/2014) and who was the second ENTP with a first name I could Google (the first one from 2020 lied so much). Many screenshots later and many evidence of uncanny coincidences later - which I've shown to many people to prove I'm not hallucinating, making it up, instigating it, or being manipulated (btw, these things happened before any Pick A Card) - I'm still skeptical. But maybe with intuition, fate, and work (sometimes endurance and kindness), at the end of all my struggles, is my happily ever after.

Thank you to the Universe, God, Fate, this higher good for letting me unload my problems onto you, answering my prayers when life and people have broken me down, and making me feel special during these impossible times. I still don't know if you're real. Maybe I'm not meant to.
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