I'm a triple threat: I read, I listen to music AND I watch TV. Bam.

I just enjoy reading original books.
By that I mean, I got over my cliché phase a couple years back.
I have no issue with books that aren't edited but, I get twitchy when reading and seeing some really basic mistakes. As someone that loves the English language, it hurts me.

Since Wattpad seems to be permanently stuck in the werewolf phase (even though I'm personally more of a vampire person), I've gone through:
-Rejection then reconciliation.
-> girl meets boy, boy says shoo, girl wants revenge, girl gets hot, girl gets attitude, boy enjoys, boy wants girl's d, girl is like "y naw". The End.
-> or boy suddenly develops conscious, realises mistake, girls says ok, has babies. the end.
-Abused mates.
-Deaf/Mute mates.
-Shy mate.
-Girl that doesn't react AT ALL to boy turning into a hairy beast. (This is so Twilight-esque)
Though, I'm not saying all are bad, some can have a tint of originality and can be freaking amazing.

I love anime/manga. It all started when I was a young child, and accidentally stayed up late. Toonami started my addiction.
I can suggest if you'd like. After almost 10 years, I'm a certified otaku.

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