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Hmm...so what can I say?!?!

Ahh...well let's start off with HI HI :D haha well anyways I'm currently in high school. (Still don't know what I want to be but I'll figure it out). I am such a bookworm and I love to write. I can be such a nerd or at least that's what my friends say <3!

Okay, well I have written for years but I've never shared it with anyone so this would be the first time I have ever shared my writing. Sooo...when I write I would be very thankful if you could comment me your thoughts :)

Anyway, when it comes to reading I am so there! :{ I love reading because when I read I become part of thr story, I become the characters... I could read for hours! Yeah, I know nerdish right? But hey that's me ^_^

I love my friends. I used to play basketball and I love to hangout with my buds and meet new people. Oh, and I am very goofy and weird (sometimes haha)


1. Twilight series
2. Hunger Games series
3. Beastly
4. The Princess Bride
5. Jellicoe Road
6. The Host
7. Divergent
8. Little Women
9. The Last Song
10. Dear John

(* the list changes all the time haha *)

1. Stephanie Meyer
2. Nicholas Sparks
3. Sarah Dessen
4. Kate DiCamillo
5. Suzanne Collins
6. William Shakespeare
7. Edgar Allan Poe
8. William Goldmn

( and some others haha )

Well, these are some things I enjoy *_*
Okay, well again I say when I write I would very much enjoy your feedback and your thoughts, PLEASE!!


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P.S. please vote or fan :) very much appreciated :)
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Description: This is a short story about a girl who loses her criminal father but then again feels like she's lost the most important thing in her life...However, in life there is always someone that is there to catch you...


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