It start off my awesome About Me, I'm going to tell you 3 Awesome People

sidscid: Your awesome possum, and I like you hair.

Falluous: I love your writing, and your pree cool!

livy13: Awesome co-writer ever!!! And also pree cool!


Shuffler for Life ♥



1) Finish A Book [X]
2) Get 60 Votes [X]
3) Get 3 New Fans [X]
4) Have a chat with 3 people at once [X]
5) Get 30 fans [X]


My Favourite Books On Wattpad:

-Ruby's Island

-People Are Monsters

-C.O.W. Series

-The One Hundred and Third Hunger Games

- The Cellar



Awesome Task For You! (If you still bothered to read on....)

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BazingaSmurf (JK)



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✔ Likes gummy worms


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Uhh....I can't find the list to all my SYOT story........
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Featured work.

Underestimate Me *On Hold*

Social data: 412 reads. 16 votes. 12 comments.

Description: Johanna Mason is currently a District 7 resident. But after the reaping, she is on a one way trip to the Capitol as a tribute. She has a plan to win and become a Victor of District 7. To act helpless, little...


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The Death Games (Hunger Games)

The Death Games (Hunger Games)

17.5K 185 134

13 Districts. 2 Winners. Dropped into a crazy arena. Follow the District 12 tributes in the 85TH HUNGER...

Submit Your Tribute Information

Submit Your Tribute Information

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Aqua's Story

Aqua's Story

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Book Two of Death Games: Aqua, daughter of Prince and CeCe, this years the Quarter Quell...but what twis...

Blown To Pieces (HGFF)

Blown To Pieces (HGFF)

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A Short Story about Mr.Everdeen's day before the deadly explosion that killed him


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