//^\\-----Put this on your board if you...
----///-\\\ ---- Felt PAIN
---///---\\\---Get BULLIED
--///-----\\\--Are DEPRESSED
-///-------\\\- Are SUICIDAL
-\\\-------///- Feel UNWANTED
--\\\-----///-- Are HATED
---\\\---///---Feel ALONE
----\\\-///----Hate YOURSELF
-----\\V//----- BECAUSE YOUR ALONE

Hi guys~ I am a kpop lover. But BTS is my main group. My bias is Jin, I'm Bisexual, I respect those who respect me. I'm a soft little bean. I'm usually really happy and hyper but when I suddenly realize something, then it all comes crashing down and I turn into a depressed bowl of icecream.

I hate wearing clothes my own size so I wear XL stuffs, I have a major Sweet tooth.

I love to walk in the rain and to also watch it. Food is my medicine.

I love video games such as
Smash Bros., Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario, Kirby and Pokemon.

My Favorite Color Is Purple. I love sleep.

My Sister is: @BlackOut_21

And Someone I Admire is: @Minniminyoongi

I'm a lonely person and I'm antisocial and suck ass at conversations worse than youd expect.

And that's all I gotta say :)
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