NamJin is love.
YoonMin is life.
And hobi is the fluffball of sunshine.

Taekook is my main whore
Yoonmin is my side hoe
Namjin is my extra slut
and HOEseokie is the sunshine who joins a threesome~

TaeKook is real fam. Fite me, bijj. They're FUCKING real.
You don't agree with me? Get your stupid freaking crusty ass here and I'll give you a good beating.

Fact: Daegu Boys are meant to fall in love with Busan Boys
Another good fact: Jungkook and Jimin were really from ASStrallia and THIGHland.
Another better fact: Busan boys weren't Busan Boys without the B. (Baby Boy and Butt)
Best fact: Daegu boys weren't daegu boys without the D. (Daddies and the very magical D)

These facts were scientifically, mathematically, technically, basically proven by BTS Army.
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Story by Bangtan's Bitcheu
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7 Idiots who ruined my life
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