You say Jonas Brothers,
♥I say Big Time Rush♥
You say Taylor Lautner,
♥I say Kendall Schmidt♥
You say basketball,
♥I say hockey♥
You say the city is mine,
♥I say the City is Ours♥
You say Girlfriend,
♥I say Boyfriend♥
You say Oh No,
♥I say Oh Yeah!♥
You say you hate Big Time Rush,

Welcome to the Freak show ladies and gents. I'm Breana.

I wouldn't be here if writing wasn't one of my passions, along with music. I love to read and write, and I sing too.

*Lab Rats
*harry Potter
*Mateus Ward
*Percy Jackson series.
*Black Veil Brides
*Andy Biersack of aforementioned BVB
*Pierce The Veil

If I was bionic, I'd want at least Super Smarts and Heat Vision, with Energy Manipulation (Ergokinesis) Hidden Ability. But maybe Speed, Teleportation, Strength, shape shifting, Aerokinesis (Air Manipulation) or Telepathy, any of those thrown in too.

Haters gonna HATE,Rushers gonna ELEVATE
♥Big Time Rush,Taylor Swift, Mateus Ward, Andy Biersack, Billy Unger, Cody Simpson, Spencer Boldman, Saving Abel, Halestorm, and Greyson Chance♥

Goals (Circa whenever, i don't remeber):
[x] Get a comment on one of my stories
[x] Get 100 reads on a story
[x] Get 200 reads on a story
[x] Get 300 reads on a story
[x] Get 400 reads on a story
[x] Get 500 reads on a story
[x] Get 1000 reads on a story
[x] Get 1500 reads on a story
[x] Get 2000 reads on a story

New Goals:
[x] 15K Reads
[x] 20K Reads
[] 25K Reads
[] 30K Reads
[x] 20 Comments on anything
[x]30 Comments
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Your Regular Decorated Emergy

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Description: Post Rise Of The Secret Soldiers and Bionic Houseparty. Title is a play on part of the lyrics to Camisado by Panic! At The Disco (You're a regular decorated emergency). Sellie (Sebastian/Ellie), Dizzy (Douglas/Lizzy), Tasha/Donald/Amy love triangle...

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