I don't know how to fûcking do this shît.... So I guess I'll just state  a bunch of facts about myself or something so here ya go. ya nosey motherfûkers .

-I'm a sarcastic àsshole with a very short temper so please don't try me , I will drag you .

- I basically live on Wattpad so if you ever need to talk then slide into my DMs *wink wink*

-If I don't immediately respond to your message it's A.) I'm reading a really good book and can't be bothered or B.) I'm questioning my life existence.

- My soul craves Gay Smut

-Tove Lo is my lesbian lover

-I'm mentally married to Rihanna

-Ariana Grande is freakin God AND DONT YOU DARE QUESTION ME

- I like black. ('Why?' You ask? Well it might be that I like black because that's the color of my skin or maybe it's because it's the color of my soul and heart. I guess the world may never know.)

- I mostly read Boyxboy , BDSM (I'm a kinky motherfûker *wink wink* )and Interracial stories

- Sebastian (from Black Butler) is my fûck buddy when Ciel is not around

- I have a vagina

- I hate homophobes with a burning passion

- I fully support the LGBT+ community

- I don't label my sexuality so anything goes

- I am legally not allowed to drink

- 99.9999999% of what comes out my mouth are curse words

-if given the chance I'd totally fûck RiRi, Ari and Tove with a strap on (my gay is showing)

Oh and I'm Majesty Unicorn and or a Devious Demon there's no in between. So yeah that's pretty much it so gimme a follow or just text me cause I'm lonely as fûck *silently cries in corner* BYEEEEEEEEE XD


And remember no matter who you are, you deserve unlimited amount of happiness.... unless your Donald Trump than you can die for all I care.

Ps @Jokerss_Princess_ is mimicking my bio.
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I feel like I've read all the good  books on wattpad and now idk what to do with  myself:))
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