This morning I kinda got into a fight wih my alarm clock... it wanted me to wake up: I disagreed and then it turned very violent.Now the alarm clocks broken.I'm awake. Not sure  who won..... :/

I'm kinda odd... Ok I'm really odd.

*I don't like to wear matching clothes...

*The color yellow freaks me out

* I get nervous around tall people

*I sometimes talk to myself.

*I have nightmares everynight

*I rather eat Lion meat before going to a haunted house alone

*Think Easter isn't even a real holiday

*Straight? Hmmm, I don't know... why don't you ask your mother!!!! BURN!!!!!!!!!!!! But yes, I like the poles, not the holes.....


Some poeple just need a high five in the face.... with a chair

Go to heaven for the climate, Hell for the company

I'm hung like Einstein, and smart as a horse.....

We're tighter than a fat guy in tight!

Sex is not the answer.... Sex is the question.... Yes, is the answer

When I die I want my last words to be "I left a million Dollars in the......

If I die today pleaee tell Edward Cullen.... Babe, it is not that serious.

Girls are like pokemon... You need balls to catch them....

I can never clean my room because of the cool stuff I end up finding under my bed

I beleive if you don't like where you are, change it. We aren't trees..... Or are we??

QUestion I ponder on????

Does color have opposites??

Do teachers have live outside of school?? If they do then EWWWWWW

Is violence the answer to everything? I mean we use it for just about everything??

Is life really this F*** up or is this just a dream?

Is it true somewhere that some girls like to eat their own period blood?!?! If so, does it taste like Ketchup?

Favorite writer on Wattpad!!!

Amyscence_ She's the friggin guru on writing BoyxBoy storys!

xxWhoAteMyCookiexx______ Absolutly love her story Highschool scandel... Boyxboy

JadedRein___ Love her story "For hating mr you are so possessive

Heather1214____ Love her

MissCandie77__ My abusive Alpha mate!
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BOOKIE14 BOOKIE14 Dec 10, 2011 10:58PM
@phanys  computers is all the way brokrn :/  huh..... life sucks butl
 ill try. just for u :)
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