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I bet anything its the Daleks


Holaaa! Espero no estar molestando con este mensaje... solo queria invitarte a que leas mi nueva novela, se llama Dos Familias, un Inicio y tú... me gustaria que la leas, y comentes si te gusta o no. Me ayudarias muchísimo si solo leyeras los cap que subí, no son muchos, pero me ayudaría mucho tu opinión❤
          Aqui te dejo el enlace de mi novela
          Que andes suuuuuuper bien


Hi people!
          Today is "International Fanworks Day" (it actually exists!)! And it actually the fifth Annual Fanworks Day celebrating fanfiction and fianfic writers. 
          So, happy Fanworks Day to all the fanfiction writers who make us sign, tear our hearts, fix and give us the things that the original writers don't and make us fall in love with our favourites characters again and again. 
          And tbh, fanfic writers are quite under appreciated and are usually considered to be quite "cringeworthy" as they write fanfiction. But, that is simply not true considering that there are so many fanfics that are simply beautiful in words and rich in stories. 
          So take your time to thank a fanfic writer today for the fanfics they write. That just might make their day even better! 
          DrWordsmith =) <3


Can I just say that I thought the episode was fantastic! I loved the mood and felt the rush of adrenaline. I just thought it was amazing