Hey, i'm Jazmin :)

I'm 15

I love reading, listening to music and hanging with my friends as well as writing books(although I never have time).

Things I love:
~Marianas Trench
~The Mall
~Imagine Dragons
~The Mortal Instruments&Infernal Devices
~Blood Red Road
~Down With Webster
~Never Shout Never
~Marianas trench
~My Friends
~Big Bang Theory
~Sarah Dessen Books

I an also a nerdfighter(whoo, DFTBA) and like watching random vids on utube&watching movies at the movie theatre. Book to movie adaptations worry me because I don't want people to ruin the book for me, but i'm super excited for the City of Bones movie! I am a total nerd and I suck at making friends and stuff. I am also super awkward and...that's pretty much me.
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B3Crazy B3Crazy Jul 29, 2013 02:03PM
@MentalStateUnknown ya, I'll check it out :)
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