Assalam alaikum everyone. My wattpad account had been hacked recetly but alhumdulilah it's recovered now. If anyone of you has got some inappropriate msg from my account, that's not me. Many msgs have been sent and many people have been unfollowed too. Hope you understand. .


@AyeshaaFarooqui MashaAllah. How could someone hacked your account. Please be tough, Ayeshaa! Btw, you've got a beautiful name ;)


@Crowned_princeZz yes it did! :( But now it's recovered alhumdulilah. @Aysha_110 Yes, I got really tensed but Alhumdulilah it's safe now! :)


@AyeshaaFarooqui Walaikum assalam! Oh my is it?  Well I never received any inappropriate messages Ayesha so it's all right! And good thing that you got your account back safe and sound! :)


          Assalam walekum wahrahmatullahi barakatuhu. Hi sister. Sometimes ago we started this account to spread Islam and clear the misconception about Islam on wattpad as many non-muslim (anti-islamist) are spreading lie about Islam. We need immense support from all over the muslims on wattpad to protect our and our brother and sisters iman.
          Those anti islamist are spreading and there motto is to spread lies about Islam. It will be very kind of you if you support us and join us on this mission.
          -Wattpad Muslim Community (Muslimah-Warrior 'founder')  


Salaam sister, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to ask if you can check out @asiya323 story Mistaken Perception. She is a great storyteller. I  think you will really enjoy her stories in sha Allah. She is one of my favorite authors here on wattpad


Assalam alaiku...hifi sis...even i am a talkative girl can talk for ages without getting tired...and extreamly extrovert and love making frnds..


          Hope you are fine
          Just wanted to know when the bext update for story of us will be