I believe that words are an extension of yourself. Whenever I write, I feel like I can freely express what I'm feeling and thinking, and that means something to someone who thinks too much. 

Much irony: the lines from Avatar TLAB that moved me the most were when Zuko is being kinda goofy and embarrassing.
"Sometimes clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It's like a silver sandwich! So when life seems hard, take a bite out of the silver sandwich."
"You must look inside yourself to save yourself from your other self. Only then will your true self reveal itself."
"You're going to fail a lot before things work out. But even though you'll probably fail over and over and over again, you have to try every time. You can't quit because you're afraid you *might* fail."

And just for the record, rocks aren't people.

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Harley's Fair Life

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Description: Grabbing his forearm, she pushed him into the den of apartments and swung the door shut behind her. “You need to follow me.” Harley stared at the door in anticipation. They would be here any second. “Yen, I don’t know how we’re going to evade them...

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Words of Whimsy

Words of Whimsy

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My montage of poetry, from suckish to less suckish, this is what I do when I'm not actively being mauled...

Lil' Tidbits

Lil' Tidbits

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The shortest of stories, most of them written on a ten minute timer.

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Three Wise Monkeys

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Parallel Binds [Kingdom Hearts Watty Awards--Parallel Universe/Canon]

Parallel Binds [Kingdom Hearts Watty Awards--Parallel Universe/Canon]

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"I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real or not?" Dark's life is ju...

AyaChitsure commented on Corbin - Chapter 2

Really good pit of despair for the character to sit in! I can't wait to see what kind of things begin to pull him out! (Unless this is a tragedy...)
      I would suggest standing in Corbin's shoes for a bit and figuring out how this could possibly change him; in fact, the very smallest ways (like if he avoids sitting in spots big enough for two or more, gets unnecessarily unnerved around alcohol, becomes defensive when he hears swear words) are the best ways to push a character and/or plot forward! Make the biggest list you can on how he could be affected by this experience, then add time to the equation and see how his future, less broken self would stand. Habits of avoiding couches and having prejudices against people who even have had a taste of alcohol will last the longest and leave the most realistic impression on your audience. ;)