Heyyy everyone!! Yikes its been ages since I've been on here. I am alive, and I am fine. I literally have just not been near Wattpad since 2014, the time has just gone by so fast I didn't even notice it, and when I did, I'd think 'I'll wait until I have a chapter for my story.' So, obviously, I haven't updated my story for a while and that's how long it's been since I've been on here. I have tried and tried to get into writing it again, I started it, couldn't get anymore, so stopped, tried again, stopped and tried again, over and over, but I just can't get into the flow of it anymore, I got about a page of stopping and starting, and even tried recently again but still it just doesn't want to be written, the next chapter just doesn't want to happen. It doesn't help that I'm not really into the Naruto series anymore, and lost all motivation for it too. I've become more into Anime like Bleach or Attack on Titan, or crossovers stories and the real world has taken my attention, like Uni and helping my mum, (she's not all that healthy over all, so I'm helping her a lot.) 
          	I've also gotten a lot older since I started Art is fleeting, my little bomber. I started writing it when I was 15, and I'm turning 20 this year, that's a long time now... So, I don't know when I am going to update again, and I did promise I would finish this,  so I will try my hardest to finish something, even if it's just a summary of where I wanted to go with the story all those years ago.
          	Mainly, I was writing this because people seem to be seriously worried about me. I'm alive, nothing has happened to me, I've just been more active on and AO3, then Wattpad. (I've stopped being on all of the more 'social,'  of Social networks actually, since March last year. For no reason, I just stopped all together.)
          	Thats it, I should be on Wattpad a little more regularly now, and I'll keep you all posted on what's happening with Art is Fleeting, My little Bomber, un!


@AwesomelyNinjaness  hi i love your story but if you can't get into the feel of it again i understand and if this all you can do with it know you did a fantastic job


@AwesomelyNinjaness  Haha I honestly thought you were dead, I started reading you fanfic like 2 years ago. So I started to re read it to see if you'd updated but when I saw you hadn't updated at all I thought you were dead haha XD But, It's good to know you're doing well :)


That's good to hear! I love that story but if you can't finish it, I totally understand. Also, I hope all is well with your mother and I wish her well! ^.^ Welcome back, by the way!! 


Even great Naruto authors acknowledges you so please update if you can cause your creative and I want more,lol.
          Sorry if I sound rude.


Your story is amazing. The plot and style you just need to fix some errors and it’ll be one of the best. Anyways I like your book. Keep up the good job.


Your story is so awesome! Anyway, where are you? Can you please update? But if not, that's fine! Cause I know we're human and we change interests! 
          Just wanna say, I've been searching for a story like yours for a long time and yours was super amazing! It even made me have the tick 'un'................... 


Damn, I'm really loving your little bomber book XD
          I haven't finished it yet, but I'm getting the gist that you haven't updated in a lonnnnngggg time.
          I'm just here to say:
          DAMN, I've waited a long time for someone to write a fanfic about this, hm, and I hope you can continue it, cuz frankly, it's my favourite fanfic so far XDD
          That's all I gotta say I guess, so I think I'll awkwardly exit
          *awkwardly exits*