Hi there,

I'm Alex. I'm a Writer and a Hypnotist. Most of my stuff on here is pure fiction with no other agenda but to explore worlds of my own creation and hopefully entertain as many people who stumble across them as possible.

I have one project on here that is ongoing that does have an agenda. In A Land of Zombies, The Hypnotist Is King. In this project I hope to demonstrate that hypnosis is about far more than helping people stop smoking and lose weight and it is not all about fluffy relaxation and thinking positive thoughts. It is a phenomenon that can have far reaching consequences into the quality of your life. Writing & Hypnosis are both about pure imagination and I am a Hypnotist and writer.

I have published a novel 'The Hereafter' which explores the answers to two questions: 1) What would life be like on earth if technology could guarantee us an afterlife? & 2) Has humankind outgrown Nature or are we still a part of her and therefore at her mercy? This is available on Amazon.

Thanks for reading and see you around!
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@TFArtsWork Hi, sorry for the unforgivable delay in responding. I have neglected Wattpad somewhat recently. Thanks for you your feedback. Sorry to disappoint, I have no plans for the extending Solo S...
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