IN THE REAL WORLD I am a widowed mom of 7, yes seven, kids ranging from 1-21 years old
ITRW I gave birth to one, adopted five and have permanent legal custody one of the creatures that call me mommy.
ITRW my adult child is autistic. He sees the world in a way that fascinates me. If you have an issue with who he is, that is YOUR issue. Not his. Not mine
ITRW my 18 yr old is bipolar. We call that being female. She opted not to be medicated so there are days she is a real peach to be around. If you dont like it, go away. She lives here.
ITRW I have a kid with CP. He uses a walker to get around. He is one of the smartest young men Ive ever met. So many people see him and treat him like a toddler. It takes about 2 minutes of interaction with him to realize that his legs are disabled, not his brain
ITRW one of my people loves to dress up, do his hair and make up and show the world who he is. Now that his age has hit the double digits, its "my job" to "correct" his behavior. Yeah, that doesnt work for us. Again, he lives here. If you dont like it we have several doors. Feel free to use one.
ITRW one of my kids is on meds three times a day to help with his anxiety. They see behavioral issues and a "bad" kid. I see a scared boy that has already lost 3 parents and NEEDS to know that the one he has left will love him no matter what. I will prove that to him as many times as I need to.
ITRW four of my kids were born addicted to drugs. Two have a real (genetic) possibility of developing metal illness later. One may live an "alternate" lifestyle.
ITRW nothing is easy. Its messy. Its chaotic. Its often a total disaster ... but its real. Its life. Its who we are, and I wouldnt change one minute of this crazy, chaotic, disastrous, wonderful life. They have opened my eyes and taught me things I would never have been able to learn from books.
After a glimpse of my real world ... is it any wonder that I enjoy coming here to escape sometimes?
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