Salutations ladies and gentlemen!
My name's AverageFangirl or alonelysoul (whichever your prefer).

Welcome to my humble account. My stories are more then likely really bad
(I only have one, for now), and the jokes I make in said stories really cringy. But if you're brave enough to read 'em, you might like them.


I am a demigod (more specifically a child of Hermes).

I am a huge Marvel fangirl.

I am a Slytherin.

I am the Lancelot of the revolutionary set and I am not throwing away my shot (Hamilton if you haven't guessed).

I am waving through a window, sincerely me! (Dear Evan Hanses for all of those non musical enthusiasts)

I am trying to be more chill but I ended up in the bathroom at a party (Be More Chill guys).

And I am Divergent (Dauntless, Erudite and a tiny bit of Amity).

I probably didn't do that right but anyway.

Do widzenia,
Au revoir,

Your friendly neighborhood psychopath,

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I have been tagged? by AverageFanigirl
I have been tagged?
I don't know how that happened.
Be careful of the Shadow by AverageFanigirl
Be careful of the Shadow
Have you ever wondered why people are scared of the dark? It seems harmless, right? Unless you have heard the...
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