hey people, im AAngel
there are (at least) 10 things you need to know about m
1. im an avid book love
2.i don't put up with any crap, but i don't believe in hat
3.im constantly in need of technical help, so if you have any advice it will be appreciate
4. i would like positive critisizm for anything i write, but don't be mea
5. I LOVE YOU EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. im a complete drama queen when you get me worked u
7. i belive strongly in following your passio
8. i love philosophy and being "deep
9. recycling is the way to g
10. i love jokes, so post any good ones anytime

if for some reason you have a problem with any of the above, DON'T become my fan. im not big on frenemies and stuff like that

For some reason some of the letters keep getting cut off, tried to fix it but still didn't change *shrugs*
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AvengingAngel AvengingAngel Apr 27, 2012 04:25PM
try zombies, thers a catagory for them n the watty awards
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