Hello Everyone! 

So, thank you so much for checking my page out!

So, let me start by telling y'all a little about myself!

- I'm 26 (almost 27) years young
- I've been writing since I was in the third grade and an avid reader since kindergarten.
- My favorite books are first person point of view, there's just something about being in a character's mind that draws me in. With that being said, most of my books are written this way as well. Though, I am not experimenting with close third person point of view.
- I've always been a fan of the supernatural. Fangs, claws, superpowers, etc. I live and breathe worlds full of shapeshifting grandmas and bloodsucking businessmen! :) But, I will always have a soft spot for backstories and romance. These are always my favorite parts of paranormal/supernatural series.
- I try to take the werewolf genre, with all of its cliches, and make it into a world that feels as though it's just being discovered!

-----Also, if you are even the smallest fan of the X-Men universe, you should definitely go check out my friend's, @NatachaWolf1308, work called 'Healing Hearts'. It's an amazing read, plus WHO DOESN'T love X-Men?

She's an amazing person who I turn to when I'm having any difficultly with how my stories are going! You could say that she's also my muse!-----
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