I'm not great at doing these, but I'll try just for you, you little stalkers ;)

-I love Friends, favourite tv show- Chandler is definitely me.
-I love animals, I grew up with like a million goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, geese, guinea pigs and fish.
-If you make me laugh I will think you are the most awesomest person ever- hands down.
-I love English, even though I've only had one good English teacher my whole life.
-I love chocolate (who doesn't?)
-Music and sitcoms are what get me though a tough day.
-I love Ben & Jerries cookie dough ;p
-I love to sing in the shower- Don't Stop Believing is an all time favourite.
-I have two sisters and one brother.
-I come from a family with so many cultures I can't even keep track.
-I'm the laziest person ever, I honestly wish I was more active.
-I love votes and comments ;p

Any suggestions for good books? I'm on the look out!
Don't forget to comment. Everything you guys say is so inspirational for me and I love every one of my readers, commenters and voters. I've even developed a special love for the silent readers.
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Description: Sophia is the third daughter to her father. She strives to follow the directions laid out for her by her mother and she tries as hard as she can to fall into the world of money, titles and marriage. Her father...


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