hey xx
so I'm not a great author and I take forever to update but I still love all of you guys. I have over 5k reads on two of my stories and I can't believe it, I am beyond grateful!! take a look at my stories of you liked and don't be afraid to hit me up
peace out Girl Scout
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AutumnIreland AutumnIreland Mar 19, 2013 09:47PM
Posted another story! another HP fanfic so if ur a fan of those pleaase give it a shot!
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Falling for the Boy Who Lived (philosephers stone+ Harry Hermione fanfic)

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Description: The Philosephers stone is back! But this time Hermione Will tell you her story! Follow Hermione through her journey as she Falls For The chosen one, The boy who lived, The famous, Harry Potter. <3


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A Marauders Love (Rights to JK Rowling)

A Marauders Love (Rights to JK Rowling)

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*** All settings characters and plot that isn't original are credited to the ever lovley mrs. JK Rowling...

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